Overseas Customers


Our understanding is that our furniture is unique, not only in New Zealand but world wide.

We manufacture from macrocarpa timber which doesn’t require any chemical treatment as a preservative against the outdoor environment. The furniture is recognised as being super heavy weight with all the table tops and seating being 100 mm thick.

For our overseas customers looking to purchase Park Benches product the process is much easier than most would imagine.

Countries whose currencies are stronger than ours (e.g. USD, AUD, EURO, GBD, AED) the difference in exchange rate will go a long way to covering the cost of shipping.

For Example:
Curved Garden Seat
In USD at 77c


Shipping to Charlotte. North Carolina



Due to floating exchange rates and shipping, costs may vary on the day .

Park Benches will make all of the arrangements for shipping to your nearest import freight receiving depot.

Smaller orders are shipped in mixed containers. Larger orders that fill a container, the cost of freight will diminish relative to the size of the order.

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