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monster table

Monster table

Probably the biggest Picnic Table you can buy.
Designed first for schools to seat a full class.
Suitable for any situation requiring to sit 16 to 18 Adults or 22 to 24 Kids

Length: 4.8 m
Overall Width: 1.9m
Price: $5500.00
exc GST and Transport

macrocarpa picnic table

Picnic Table 8 seater

Comfortably seating eight people, the Picnic Table's dimensions add presence to parks and gardens alike. (requires some assembly)

Length: 2.4 m
Overall Width: 1.9m
Price: $3400.00
exc GST and Transport
picnic table These Picnic Tables can be viewed at Waikowhai Reserve and Western Springs.

(requires some assembly)


BBQ table

BBQ Table

A variation originally manufactured for the Patriot Bar in Devonport, was created with a slimmer base and central hole to hold an umbrella.

Length: 2.0 m
Overall Width: 1.9 m
Price: $2480.00
excl GST and transport


Kid's Picnic Table

Kid's Furniture that adults can sit on without fear of breaking.

Can be manufactured to suit age bracket and seating requirements.

Length: 1.6 m
Price: $550.00
excl GST and transport


The Combined S-Shaped Table

is designed using the cantilevered principles of the Half Table. This attractive picnic table has a gentle curve fitting the 2 halves together. The stems are fitted to brackets which are set into a concrete base.

Weight: Approx 280 kg
Length: 2.4 m
Overall width: 1.6m
Price: $3200.00
excl GST and transport

Table and Bench Setting

This simple Table and Bench setting is set into a concrete slab, creating a unique and attractive picnic setting.

Length: 1.6 m
Overall width: 1.6 m
Price: $1995.00
excl GST and transport

picnic table
Ranges of furniture complementing a common theme can be designed and manufactured.


picnic table overlooking sea can withstand elements and harsh weather

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